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Producer/Director/DP                 Jerry Pentin 

About Jerry....


I'm a 28 year resident of Pleasanton, living here with my wife of 35 years, Josine.  Our daughter, Joi, is a Pleasanton native, having been born here months after our arrival, she eventually matriculated throuh our public school system which prepared her as a scholar/athlete at Cal and is now a tech millenial in S.F enjoying life.  I am a Veteran Marine Sergeant, having served in the U.S.M.C. Marine Air Wing between 1975 & 1980.  I'm a graduate of Chabot College with a degree in Radio & TV Broadcasting and have worked as a Media Producer for 37 years, running my own production company, Spring Street Studios.  My hobbies include bicycling, running, hiking, SCUBA diving and when the opportunity arises (seldom since I was elected to the Pleasanton City Council in 2012...) reading a good book. 


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